Sub Specie Aeternatis

The Story So Much Farther

Well, not a lot happened. The party got arrested, the paladin got left in jail while the rest broke out, and they all escaped on a boat. Then nolispe took over DMing because everyone was sick of intrigue (I would groan about this, but can’t without spoilers) and so we’re now doing some good ol’ dungeon crawling. In the interests of fun, I’m now a spoony bard for the duration of the crawl.

Aleris's Diary entry (date unknown)

Not again. A few hours ago, I woke up, half frozen, in a melting pillar of ice with water rising all around me. There were a bunch of humaniod creatures, and one dragonborn, buzzing around, hyterically crying about the rising water and how they were all going to die. Needless to say, I immediatly took comkmand, as befitting a member of the royal house of Itza. After I led them out of the caverns that we seemed to be stuck in, I did my best to try and work out where (and when!) I was. As you would expect from a bunch of incompetent mammals, most of them just coughed out the water in their feeble lungs, which frankly serves them right for not even bothering to keep in condition for the swim out.
The only one I could seem to get a straight answer out of was a Deva, who told me that I had lost around ten thousand years this time. This is getting ridiculous. Aftert that, I managed to get them to get moving, instead of their birlliant “wait in the wilderness to run out of food” plan. it seems that the glorious empire of Itza has fallen, but only recently, and I am hoping that we should be able to reach and city of Aldun, where I expect to meet with the local imperial representitive.
I wonder if they still take orders from the capital, or if this “Interregnum” has progressed so far that my sacred rights will no longer be honored. I hope not, but perhaps I should not enter as I would perfer, not while I am still mostly unarmed, and stiff from my long incarceration. There will be other times, now is the time to learn, not to conquer.
On route, we seem to have encountered a group of brigands, perhaps another sign of decay. I fear the the glorious empire has fully fallen. If so, may Bahamut have mercy on us all.

Postscript: The Deva is a liability. We saw the brigand before they saw us, and could have passed them without death on either side, but “Eben” announced our presence and caught us in a arrowstorm. Things could have gone badly, but I managed to get everyone to take cover and move up pne by one against the opposition, and once their first attacks had failed, my superiour skill really meant they stood no chance. On an unrelated note, I would appear to be travelling with at least one dangerous sociopath. The “Paladin”, a fellow dragonborn, was nmaturally the person I looked to as an ally in this unknown world, but he has shown that he is likely a half-breed, with his tainted breath and evil tendencies. I wonder if he is descended from house Illthar. I hope to turn him over to justioe in Aldun, but wonder if they will obey. It is likely being ruled by Mammals now, so far from the capital.

Story So Far

Wow, lots of space. I like this site. It’s likely to take a good while to fill in all the campaign information into the wiki, but it’ll happen over time. Now, a quick description of what’s happened in the campaign.

The initial group (Eben, the nameless dwarf, and Sheddin) were coerced into exploring a cave. After establishing that yes, this cave is screwed up, they fought some skeletons and found another screwed-up room. The whole time they were bothered by a whistling that was later revealed (OOC) to have been something trying to communicate. After their arrival somehow caused a flood, the ice pillars in the last room melted to reveal the other two characters of the present group, and the five escaped together.

They then proceeded towards the Aldunian University, and were almost ambushed by some bandits on the way. With five of them dead, the last surrendered in abject terror. Shedinn promptly tried to stab him to death, but was prevented and tied up by the rest of the party. From the one that appears to have been the leader, the party got a piece of paper that read ‘Room DLT5, 4:00 on the twelfth day of this month. The University.’ They are now continuing to the university, and will arrive next session.


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